Autoblog Interview with Nissan Z370 Designer

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“…AB: You obviously had a lot to draw from, and it seems like the design of the 370 pulls mainly from the 240 and 280 era. Where else did you pull inspiration from for the car?

RR: I think that the 350Z is a combination of the 240 and the 300, and then the 370Z is more a 350 and a 240 together, but with more 240 into it. I love the lines of the original car. It’s always been the greatest car, and I wanted to bring more of that into the 370.

AB: Are there any other cars from outside of the Nissan stable that you drew from?

RR: As a designer, you admire all sports cars and wide bodies and all of that, but I drew a lot of inspiration from other things. Actually, the Discovery Channel had Shark Week going on while I was working on the 370, and I took a lot of inspiration from that.

AB: You can see a lot of that in the front fascia.

RR: Yeah, and the body sides are kind of like the belly of the shark. The fish’s profile is kind of like the beltline of the 370.

AB: Anything else?

RR: I looked a lot at sprinters and their muscles. I wanted this car to look like it’s leaned-up, not bulky.

AB: The 370Z is a lot smaller than its predecessor. Is that something that sort of grew out of the design process or was that a parameter that you guys had from the get go?

RR: Both. Engineering wanted to push it that way just to make it a lighter car and to bring it back to being a true sports car. You see cars today compared to those from the seventies and they just get bigger and bigger with every model. We wanted to make this one more for the purists. Get the car smaller, faster, lighter, lower. Everything. Nissan is a performance company, and they listen to their customers.

AB: Do you think that the Z is going to continue to get smaller and lighter in the future?

RR: It’s a challenge with government regulations and pedestrian crash standards, but yeah, hopefully with new technology and lighter materials we can get the cars down smaller while still being safer. It’s a struggle to do that, but it’s something we should always push for….”

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